Lost Trades Of Islington #Part2 #AgeUKIslington #JulieMelrose

Ivy May Reynolds – Interviewer to Eunice Braithwaite – Leather Worker
Local Historical Landmark nearby at Angel #LondonBoroughOfIslington
Age UK Islington at Finsbury Library – Islington Local History Centre – Ivy May Reynolds from London Metropolitan University
Islington Museum #LostTradesOfIslington
Lost Trades Of Islington Presentation on 16 January 2019


Julie Melrose, Archivist #IslingtonLocalHistoryCentre #FinsburyLibrary
Presentation on 15 January 2019 at Finsbury Library
Lost Trades Of Islington – Presentation slides by Julie Melrose – Archivist
Project Facilitators on Lost Trades Of Islington #AgeUKIslington #LondonMetropolitanUniversity

I am so proud of my Dear Sister Ivy May Reynolds  – Interviewer to Eunice Braithwaite  – Leather Worker whom photographs and interviewer with Michael is part of this lovely historical archive.

In conjunction with several organisations #AgeUKIslington #LondonMetropolitanUniversity #IslingtonLocalHistoryCentre and #LotteryHeritageFund.

The creative parts was clever in using poetry and photography – acting as medium to engage the Community, Researchers and expanding the records/archives of the Islington Local History Centre.

Congratulations to all who took part and special praise to Andrea Sinclair and Julie Melrose for all their hard work in project management and co-ordinating quite a complex project.

The exhibition is a wealth of knowledge and to learn how to document and research for any collection of history and archivist procedures.

Peace Out #UrbanViewer #YvonSECHolistic  – Having a local cultural evening in the London Borough of Islington  #LambethResident




The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Lyndon Walters Global World Vibrations

    Photograph taken by Ivy May EMP – Mr Lyndon Walters with a bronze of the Late Great BERNIE Grant MP

The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Lyndon Walters  – This is very personal blog entry.  I was on the Spark Programme at the Clarence Centre  –  London South Bank University (LSBU) with the entrepeuneal Viren Lall and the Team help Reynolds to make an Business Enterprise viable brand just from a Idea/Concept.

Lyndon Walters Initial – The Living Legend Initiative Project meets….

Listen to IvyMay EMP interviewed Lyndon Walters by IvyMay Reynolds #np on #SoundCloud

The main things was to connect with real stakeholders, shareholders and individuals that represent a Business Brand.  Mr Lyndon Walters.  The first time I met Mr Walters at an event at Impact Hub Brixton (Member) located within POP Brixton – Yes recycled shipping containers – Business Food Heaven and Entertainment.



I truly owe a debt of gratitude in the past 2 plus years become more than a Business connective.  The giving of time and imparting with great insight and experience  – In the monetary value terms –  the support Mr Lyndon Walters have give to Yvonne D Reynolds and as a Brand – Reynolds Emporium Agency  – it is priceless.

#YvonSECHolistic #UrbanViewer #MindMapRepresentation #MAAppliedImagination

In my past 2 years and return to academic as a mature person, it is crucial to have good and compatible mentors.  This is one key advice I give to anyone, regardless of the business methodology, concept and status of being rich or poor.

Our first meeting at Impact Hub Brixton located in POP Brixton – London Borough of Lambeth

Mentors, advisors and supporters are really important in progressing whether personal or professional – There will always be a point when you require someone else point of view or sensibly outlook  – to bring reason back into any argument with Business team for instance.

Mental Health Mantra

This Ital and Straight Talking Big Legend – Knowledge of how we thinks helped greatly – Stress Diffuser, Rant Minimers, Calm and Listen to my Voice  – Vibrations talking which brings clarity to one’s mine.

The body  – I dwelt in 50 years  – Is showing all the signs of wear and tear – physically and I felt my mind  – Also have the similar issues.  This is when the Mental Farmer is required.  Mr Lyndon Walters is such a complex individual is would be ridiculous to sum up in this unworthy blog.   Therefore this is just a summary.


An introduction  – I remember at London South Bank University reaching one of my well earn – Information Overloaded Rant or Tantrum (if you happen to speak to my Big Sister  – Ivy May Reynolds – studying at the London Metropolitan University).

I quote his words ‘Yvonne! You are an Innovative Unit’.  From the UAL Comrades  – I have element of a robotic nature. Can a descriptive phrase from a third party make a damn difference.  In our pathways crossing in this current lifetime.

Mind Map Representation with Rich Picture combined for a Brand

LSBU on the Spark Programme was the Business Enterprise venue of combining the methods of using Mind Maps and bring the Rich Picture concepts learnt my Undergraduate degree. 

#UrbanViewer Music Morning Mantra

Business Information Technology with Professor Shushma Patel  – Faraday Wing.


Yes powerful creative’s can help, support and influence others for the truly better.  The positivity can make the dreary day to day living a bit more interesting.

Lyndon Walters intervention on Knife and Gun Crime – Family Event – Poster

The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Lyndon Walters  to do justice to an Elder.  Documentary, Book, Fashion Line, Food Products and Music….


#YvonSECHolistic #UrbanViewer #MAAppliedImagination #CreativeSocialProblemSolver #UALCentralSaintMartins #CombatMusicSAD #CombatGriefSAD

Client Requirement Meeting – Ist Draft of Logo Brand symbol
Lyndon Walters – Intervention Family Event

Listen to Ivy May EMP – Crunching A Jacob Crackers by Yvonne Reynolds – YvonSECHolistic #np on #SoundCloud

Background Research


Happy New Year – Music Controversy and Good Will to All #YvonSECHolistic

Happy New Year  – My fellow comrades dwelling within Central Saint Martins esteemed walls of Arts, Fashion and Creativity.

My next couple of blogs will recap November and December 2018.  I totally enjoyed my 50th BirthDay and EarthDay Year (2018)  absolutely brilliant.  In my quest for Music Excellence.

I upset the following:-

Non academic

Certificate from South England Conference – Kendol Bacchus Workshop – Music & Evangelism

No Music Theory knowledgeable individuals

With the belief that flapping hands to a Choirs with absolutely

No classical training

Can be done on a Wing and a Prayer  – I think not  – Angels voices – Please help me.  Why the glamour of being on stage is worse than alcohol dependency.

Brixton SDA Church – Music Concert

The pull of singing fame and performing for an audience – That’s music creative stage drug – I call it 2019 style. Fame …means nothing to me – Really Yvonne  – Stop lying  – The New Year just started.  Okay back to the Blog Script  (My New Year Rant – Do worry if you do not understand #YvonSECHolistic)

Brixton SDA Music Day Choir with the Brixton Chamber Orchestra on 17th November 2018

The classical training given to me at Dick Sheppard School by the lovely but realist Mr Freemantle have clouded my musical tuned ears to off pitch and off key and dare I say looking for harmonious sounds and lyrics (with clear pronunciation)  – Given that in the UK – Parents, carers and guardians are forking out £20 to £25 for extra curriculum music lessons in the private tuition sector.  The music accessories, equipment and purchasing of music score and tuition syllabus books – can put real pressure on an average working class income.

My data for YouTube Channel  – growing organically  – Really happy

Reynolds Emporium Visual Radio – Viewing Figures – December 2018 #UrbanViewer
Reynolds Emporium Visual Radio – YouTube Channel email – Come On 2019 #YvonSECHolistic


In 2019 on the awesome MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industries at Central Saint Martins (Kings Cross)  – My breakthrough moment of clarity to reconnect my thought processes  – Yes comrades – Lego Serious Play got rid of the dead lanes.  I prove my statement  – Look below – What do you see?????

My Vision  – My Action Academic Research at University Arts London – The great unveiling…….   The title  – Year One and approx  £5K – I truly my missionin life – Yes Life – Please join in  –   Please put the accent  A  M  A  Z  I N  G….

My breakthrough moment- Visualised in Lego – #14Parishes and #14PatronsAndPioneers #YvonSECHolistic
Serious Lego Play – #14Parishes and #14PatronsAndPioneers #YvonSECHolistic in Jamaica and UK Diaspora – Mental Health and Music Theory

My second year sorted – A trip to Jamaica is planned to Jamaica to visit at least 4 Parishes matched with a Patron or Pioneer from the UK or within the Globe/World.  It is important that the stories being publicised in the UK media of returning residents. So working with the Nubian Jak Community Trust  – Dr Nubian Jak Beula and Dr Doirean Wilson  – Chair will be a great collaboration.

Dr Nubian Jak offered a desk within the West End Office  – Ilford House from the New Year.  This is great news under my Social Enterprise  – Reynolds Emporium Agency.  That’s New News – Not Fake!!!!!

Is the murder and slaughter for one’s possessions – Big House, Big Cars and Bling Bling clothes on wanting to go back ‘Home’ to settle and live. The new #WarZone in a #HappinessCaribbeanZone…for returning residents from the World Diaspora.  Nubian Jak Community Trust unveiling of a Blue Plaque in tribute to a remarkable Connie Mark #Windrush70 #NHS70 #WorldWarII #WeShallNeverForget.

This needed to be replaced due to vandalism  – This lady worked so hard in the United Kingdom and helped in ensuring Mary Seacole name to recognised across the globe.

Nubian Jak Community Trust unveiling replacement Blue Plaque to celebrate her 95th Birthday – The late great Connie Mark

So it is not easy to achieve things so far from the land of one’s birth. In fact, the day lived up to the theme of the Windrush  – Listen cannot feel the wind on ones face  – Imagine being on the actual Windrush ship coming to Tilbury Docks.

The lack of Mental Health service and specialist staff on the island with rural areas is a real tragedy in Jamaica and the wider Carribean region.   Therefore the #UrbanViewer will bring the initiative to use Music as a clear helping therapeutic tool and pictorial record in photography  – to highlight the lack of basis ‘Care In Community’ – Children and Adult Social Care – Outreach Programme.

Yes dusting down my instrument the Oboe and lesson with the wonderful Pegasus Community Choir linked to the Pegasus Opera Company, singing operatic and comtemporary songs.  The Living Legend Initiative Project meets….. show hidden talents will continue for the second year.  Interesting time ahead….

Keep tuned…. should be very interesting  — If not just require your critical feedback – negative or otherwise – would be most appreciated.  I will do some  some grammar workshop during the Summer months.  I never my Dear Tutor words at Lambeth College – I quote ‘Your sentence structure is shocking’.


Miss Yvonne D Reynolds  – MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industries

(Part Timer) #YvonSECHolistic #UrbanViewer

Background Research  – Connie Mark #WorldWarII #NHS70 #WindrushPioneer #MarySeacoleHouse #MarySeacoleMemorialAssociation #CombatBAMEHistorySAD






Think Global – Act Local – Music and Missions by Kendol Bacchus (ABRSM)


Certificate from South England Conference – Kendol Bacchus Workshop – Music & Evangelism



Music and Missions – My personal development plan to widen knowledge using Music Theory Therapy workshops and informal discussions with young people especially post teenagers (16 – 19 years old).


Kiran Prince Foundation  – Helping the youth and giving real life skills set to survive and thrive  – from any background regardless of status…street urban culture.



The current spate of Knife Crime in London and the wider British Isles communities.

The Lambeth Youth Orchestra playing with top class world performers from Pegasus Opera Company.   Brixton Tate Library located on Windrush Square in London Borough of Lambeth part of the Black History Month event by the Council.


A personal to the parents, families and friends affected by the death of a young man – Age 15 in my neighbourhood brings this back to reality, the spilling of young lambs in Lambeth.


It is devastating #WarKnifeCrimeZone  – How do we as a Community bring the #HappinessZone here … not far from home…but at H O M E – N E I G H B OUR H O O D.

After losing his son, Mark Prince is fighting to save every life he can


Kendol Bacchus Music and Evangelism workshop presentation of certificate
Music And Missions Workshop by Kendol Bacchus sponsored by South England Conference – Personal Ministries Department


Background Research Reading and Online Resources

Kendol Bacchus (Music and Missions) with Yvonne D Reynolds, Louanne Sampson and Joese.

South England Conference










Map Mind Representation can this graphic medium ‘Save The World – Save The Future Youth’

#YvonSECHolistic #UrbanViewer #MindMapRepresentation #MAAppliedImagination


Performing with Karen Bell #KBC – Business Partner, Dear School Friend from Dick Sheppard School  – Green House – My personal holistic therapist… The Spoken Word showcase at Makerhood Lambeth.  Thank you for the invite Andry.


Mind Map Representation – Combat Youth Crime SAD, Research and Development devised at London South Bank University while on the Spark Programme at the Clarence Centre.

The current for many education, colleges and universities have realised the mental health and other lifestyle which individuals or group are in learning environment.


It is never effective to request or believe it is the responsibility of the The teaching and support staff to patch up the lack of funding in social services and other related social health care departments with the UK systems.

Hashtag for YvonSECHolistic Business Model Concept and Methodology

In starting my Social Enterprise while on the brilliant course lead by Mr Viren Lall  – Changeschool.org  – This enabled #YvonSECHolistic #UrbanViewer to test and run (Iteration) the business methodology and the processes of Reynolds Emporium Visual Radio brand.



The London  South Bank University after completing my undergraduate in Business Information Technology.  The wonderful – Oh no self promotion – What are the implications of security and privacy on mobile devices.

Mind Map Graphics Representation – Page 1 of 3

It was a clear gap that since the last 2 decades with mass closures of adult education colleges.  The shift to put all young people and adults into the universities system would not be a suitable bed fellow – Why????

Mind Map Graphic Representation Page 2 of 3

The specialist to learn, grow in University  – It is not suitable for all.  Therefore to ensure young vulnerable individuals that would be failed by these changes – vocational study, training.

Map Mind Graphics Representation Page 3 of 3

This would always be required especially for special educational needs and likewise very gifted, creative, talented children.

Interesting article in the Guardian newspaper today.


A video on YouTube showing gifted musical and creative  young people.



Festival Exhibition – MA Applied Imagination – Full Timers ShowCase

The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele #LoveFashion #LoveMusic
The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele #LoveLondon #Love Music #LoveFashion #Zone1

MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industries – The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele

The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele #LoveLondon #Love Music

MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industries #MichaelSteele #UALCentralSaintMartins #LoveFashion #LoveLondon #Love Music #LoveZoneOne

The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele #LoveLondon #Love Music #LoveFashion

The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele – Conversation with Mike – Full Time Graduate on the MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industries at Central Saint Martins – Dec 2018

The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele #LoveArt #LoveFashion #LoveLondon



MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industries #PartTime #TheLivingLegendInitiativeProject meets #MichaelSteele #LoveFashion #LoveLondon #LoveMusic
The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele #LoveFashion #LoveLondon #LoveMusic #LoveArt #UALCentralSaintMartins
Mike – MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industries (Full Timer) speaks to The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele


The Michael Steele Muse Pose 1 – The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele #LoveLondon #Love Music #LoveFashion
The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele – Heathrow Airport
Mike meets Michael Steele #LoveLondon #Love Music #FullTimer #MAAppliedImagination #CreativeSocialProblemSolver
The Michael Steele Muse Pose – Part 2 – The Living Legend Initiative Project meets……
The Michael Steele Muse Pose – Part 2


Photo Art meets Living Art #UrbanViewer #YvonSECHolistic
MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industries – The Living Legend Initiative Project meets Michael Steele #LoveUAL #LoveCSM #LoveLondon #LoveMusic #LoveFashion #UrbanViewer
MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industries #PartTime #TheLivingLegendInitiativeProject meets #MichaelSteele #LoveFashion #LoveLondon #LoveMusic
MA Applied Imagination in Creative Industries #MichaelSteele #UALCentralSaintMartins #LoveFashion #LoveLondon #Love Music



Portable Architechure and Recycled Shipping Containers #CombatHousingSAD #UrbanViewer #CombatOfficeSAD

Book Review From the Stacks – More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today

A selection of books for sale at University of Arts London located at Kings Cross #UALCentralSaintMartins  – Granary Building.  The need for human being to dwell in building and the free spirited nomads living on houseboat on Regent’s Canal near University.

The portable dwelling such as tents and marquee to adjust to lifestyle living choice for a moment in time.

The need for a foldable chair for nomadic living would be more valuable than a Sheraton beautifully crafted hand made seating assesory.  The needs and sometimes the functionality is more important than the aesthetic or visual niceness of the artisan craftsmanship. #YvonSECHolistic #UrbanViewer

This will enable my love of #MindMapRepresentation be modelled to show my higher level thinking to others  – This allows the way of #MindsetChange to graphical show in an effective way an idea or concept with a Team Building or Presentation setting.  This is particular useful in an educational environment to keep young people 16 to 19 Years engaged and empowered to connect with a wide of subjects in a transformative academic way. #UrbanViewer

Background Research Reading  – Secondary Data


Mobile Living and Design Elements



Mental Health within the Caribbean Region #CombatHealthCareSAD

Windrush Generation – London Borough of Lambeth



The statistics and data surrounding the raise of Dementia and Parkinson being diagnosed in the Black and Ethics minorities.

The awareness of receiving and getting early diagnosis highlights there is still a lot to do within the United Kingdom.

Therefore to think about the developing region in the Caribbean and there are pockets especially within the rural the lack of social care and general practioner etc quality and qualified members in the Community.

This blogs will just touch the problems of lack of infrastructure such as centres for Senior Citizens or for Early Learning (Age 0 to 5).

How can a small public square, space and/or garden help in the prevention and/or intervention of a Mental Health crisis in Caribbean.

We shall investigate #HappinessZone in a #MentalHealthWarZone.

This slogan is slightly amended from the previous hashtag to show a network using social media to connect with other individuals, non-governmental organisations and groups with an interest surrounding mental health.

Domestic violence, Gang related killings and so much more may or could have a strand undiagnosed mental health issues left untreated and neglected.


Who is responsible????

The videos was taken by #IvyMayEMP #CombatPhotographySAD #CombatVideographerSAD  #ImpactHubBrixton  #POPBrixton  #LondonBoroughOfLambeth


Background Research  – Online Website



Health Professionals  – Healthcare and Staffing Issues (Working Conditions) #MusicTheoryTherapy #MusicAndEducation #FindYourHappinessZone

Long working hours and the impact on health and well-being

Achieving a work life balance

#KarenBell #KBC #TheSpokenWord #FindYourHappinessZone #PoemTherapyForStaff #StressManagement  #ColourWordsLyrics  – This unedited recording was done at a Makerhood Lambeth event.



Diversity and Cultural  – #NubianJakCommunityTrust #DrDorieanWilson #CulturalDiplomacy